Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rules on the First Weeks of School: BTS Giveaway

You must think I'm joking right?!? Well I'm not two blog posts in one week! And it is during school! WHAT?!?! LOL

I'm just a little impressed with myself. I decided to team up with some awesome fellow special education bloggers to bring you a Back to School Blog Hop and Giveaway! There is a rafflecopter giveaway below so please keep reading. It will go on starting today until September 8th.

I wanted to really focus on rules in the classroom. I have seen a ton of pictures on Instgram, Pinterest, and Facebook of teachers posting their classrooms ready for the new year. Of course something that is in probably every room (if not you are crazy and love adventure!) is a set of classroom rules. Some teachers like to let the students come up with them but, in my classroom that might be a little off. I think my rules might be something like this:

1. Students are allowed on the computer and iPads whenever they want.

2. Students can have snack whenever they want.

3. Students can have breaks ALL DAY.

4. Teachers should not teach or discipline any students.

5. Students are basically allowed to do whatever they wanted and teachers can't stop us!!:)

Let me preface first by saying my students are wonderful but, if they had the chance to do whatever they wanted all day instead of working their butts off like we do, I could totally see these being the rules in our classroom.

Rules are what give our students in any classroom boundaries. It lets them know what they can and cannot do but, as teachers we need to be sure that we are going over these rules thoroughly to make sure they understand what is expected of them.

During the first weeks of school I am like a broken record. I am constantly stating our classroom rules and I am giving lots of examples in different areas in the classroom. I explain how each rule can be interpreted in that part of our classroom whether it is the direct instruction area, work tasks, or sensory room. This allows the students to internalize that information.

In order to be able to do this and tackle different modes of learning for my students I created a product that could be used with multiple learners but, still was functional and appropriate for teaching rules during those first weeks of school.

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  1. Not knowing who the students are and trying to make seating arrangements!

    1. I hear you! This can be tricky! I try to not focus on that until we get a few days in and I can see what is going to develop between the students. Structure, routines, and rules are always my priority! They are life savers as we get farther into the year!

  2. Setting up those necessary routines always takes the most time!

    1. It does Shawn! Although usually we are thanking ourselves for putting that work in later on in the year when things run so smoothly!

  3. Rules are so important and I think often forgotten in our self-contained classrooms!

    1. Yes Erin! They are SUPER important. We have to stress rules and routines for at least the first month!!!

  4. Sounding like a broken record will pay off once they understand the rules! Visuals help too so we don't always have to say what the rule is. Excited to check out your product!

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